Published on Nov 28, 2017

Invitation to register on Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) supplier database is extended to all prospective Suppliers, including; Small and Micro Enterprises, Women owned Companies, Youth owned Enterprises and Companies owned by People with disability.

The purpose of this invite is to ensure the GMA has a comprehensive supplier database to be used for sourcing goods & services in a competitive manner, with an equal opportunity afforded to all while complying with the Public Management Act, The Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act and its Regulations; and GMA Supply Chain Management Policy.

GMA is looking for suppliers who can render goods/& services in line with its business objectives. The registered suppliers will be given preference to submit quotations for procurement below R500, 000. Registration on the GMA database does not guarantee business and neither does it preclude those who are not registered on the database from submitting quotations whenever requested to.