Published on Feb 08, 2018

The Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) is a Provincial Public Entity established in terms of the Gautrain Management Agency Act, Act 5 of 2006 and is listed as a Public Entity in Schedule 3 of the Public Finance Management Act. The GMA is an equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer and is committed to the achievement and maintenance of diversity and equality in employment, especially in respect of race, gender and disability and preference will be given as per the GMA Employment Equity Plan. Applicants with proven suitability, knowledge and experience as required in the posts advertised are invited to submit their applications to the GMA for the attention of the Human Resources. All Applications quoting the relevant position, accompanied by a comprehensive CV can be e-mailed to If you have not received any response from us 30 days after the closing date consider your application unsuccessful. 

CLOSING DATE: 21 February 2018 


Purpose: Manages, coordinates and monitors all land development, engineering services and Gauteng Transport Infrastructure Act (GTIA) applications, including the System Security, Geographic Information System (GIS) and assets.

Requirements: A degree/ B Tech in Land Surveying, Town Planning or Civil Engineering; Honour’s or Master’s degree will be will be an added advantage; 8 years’ relevant experience in Project Management of engineering services, GIS, Preparation and evaluation of land development and GTIA applications.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provides strategic oversight in the protection of the System in terms of the GTIA
    • Reviewing all development applications and the impact thereof on the System;
    • Managing all third party engineering services applications for construction, maintenance and upgrade thereof;
    • Liaising with the Concessionaire, other stakeholders on approval conditions to be imposed on GTIA applications;
    • Reviewing the design of engineering works to ensure compliance with approval requirements, Concession Agreement and GTIA;
    • Managing correspondence records and reviewing as-built drawings provided by the developers or applicants and records thereof;
    • Ensuring that quality assurance site inspections on all approved applications are conducted and review inspection reports;
    • Developing GTIA applications recording system
  • Manages land information and land acquisition processes for the GMA and the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport (GDRT)
    • Liaising with metropolitan municipalities, provincial departments and obtaining spatial development plans;
    • Reviewing and analysing spatial development and transport plans to ensure alignment with future plans;
    • Developing land acquisition plans to support identified land requirements for the System extension and expansion plans;
    • Managing land acquisition approvals and the land acquisition process;
    • Managing the land information register and asset locations in conjunction with Finance;
    • Evaluating utilization of proclaimed land and managing the subdivision of excess land parcels;
    • Advising the Department of Infrastructure Development (DID) on restrictive conditions for the leasing of excess land;
    • Managing illegal or unauthorized land use adjacent to the System and facilitating corrective actions with the land owners.
  • Assures compliance of the Concessionaire to the System Security performance targets and monitors security incidents
    • Reviewing the monthly security report and monitoring performance against Concession Agreement targets;
    • Compiling comments on security incidents and reviewing proposed mitigation plans;
    • Liaising with the Concessionaire through monthly meetings and facilitating the development of security improvements;
    • Identifying security risks on the system and /or along the rail alignment and advising the Concessionaire to minimize the risk;
    • Auditing of the Concessionaire’s security management processes;
  • Develops and manages the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the GMA
    • Developing and implementing GIS processes to support management of rail reserve land;
    • Developing a conceptual framework of a GIS for the Gautrain System in conjunction with the Concessionaire;
    • Analysing and aligning the GIS requirements for the Gautrain System and for the assessment of development applications;
    • Establishing and implementing the GIS and developing plans for system improvements to align with future data management requirements;
    • Managing the data integrity of the GIS and monitoring the capturing of spatial information for assets, development applications and engineering services;
    • Facilitating the collation of strategic transport plans, spatial development and environmental datasets into the GIS;
    • Developing spatial representation framework of System performance and the analysis thereof;
    • Advising the GMA on GIS technology improvements and facilitating implementation thereof.
  • Writes reports for the Annual Performance Plan (APP), Quarterly Reports and the Annual Report
    • ​​Write quarterly report and the annual report;
    • Reports on outputs of APP deliverables.

The GMA offers competitive market related salaries and the remuneration is on a Total Guaranteed Package.