Published on Aug 02, 2017

The Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) is a Provincial Public Entity established in terms of the Gautrain Management Agency Act, Act 5 of 2006 and is listed as a Public Entity in Schedule 3 of the Public Finance Management Act. The GMA is an equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer and is committed to the achievement and maintenance of diversity and equality in employment, especially in respect of race, gender and disability and preference for this position will be given to African Males only as per the GMA Employment Equity Plan and Numerical Targets. Applicants with proven suitability, knowledge and experience as required in the posts advertised are invited to submit their applications to the GMA for the attention of the Human Capital. All Applications quoting the relevant position, accompanied by a comprehensive CV can be e-mailed to RecruitTECH@gautrain.co.za If you have not received any response from us 30 days after the closing date consider your application unsuccessful. 

CLOSING DATE: 16 August 2017. 


Purpose:  Manage and Coordinate the land acquisition process in terms of applicable legislation, liaise with relevant stakeholders and facilitate land acquisition projects and contracts.

Requirements: National Diploma in Land Surveying or Town and Regional Planning or related qualification.  Degree in Land Surveying with emphasis in land management will be added advantage, 5 years’ experience in land acquisition management Experience in land rights acquisition, Experience in management of leases and drafting of legal agreements, Knowledge of planning and transport legislation, Knowledge of the Gauteng Transport Infrastructure Act, Experience in spatial data management, Experience in spatial planning requirements and processes contained in the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) as well as other planning legislation.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Facilitates the acquisition of railway land in terms of the Gauteng Transport Infrastructure Act (“GTIA”) by:
    • Identifying land requirements for Gautrain projects;
    • Compiling correspondence to affected land owners;
    • Ensuring the administration of all land acquisition agreements with land owners and other relevant stakeholders;
    • Facilitating the proclamation and expropriation of land rights for railway purposes;
    • Ensuring registration of railway land rights at the Surveyor General and Deeds Offices;
    • Advising on processes and procedures for acquisition of land in terms of applicable legislation, including environmental planning legislation;
    • Implementing measures to protect railway land and outfall land from illegal occupations and adverse external activities.
  • Provides project management and contracts management functions for land acquisition projects by:
    • Implementing project requirements and project execution plans in consultation with internal stakeholders;
    • Obtaining senior management approval on proposed land acquisition projects and ensuring project costs are controlled as per project plans;
    • Compiling terms of reference for the procurement of professional services to support the implementation of land acquisition projects;
    • Ensuring financial control of land acquisition projects as per approved project plans, set timeframes and allocated budget;
    • Drafting of contractual provisions based on project requirements and scope of work;
    • Ensuring that project contractual contents are clear, accurate and concise;
    • Implementing project contract standards relating to payment terms, budgets and general provisions;
    • Compiling management reports and upholding communication through reporting and presentations on an on-going basis;
    • Reviewing of contractual performance on land acquisition projects in order ensure that contractual obligations are kept by all parties involved thereby minimizing project risks;
    • Ensuring record keeping of all project management and contract management documentation.
  • Ensures stakeholder liaison with interested and affected parties by:
    • Liaising with the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport (GDRT), Metropolitan Municipalities and other stakeholders;
    • Compiling correspondence to the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) regarding lease agreements on outfall land and other railway land parcels;
    • Obtaining timeous approvals and consents from key stakeholders, including approvals for subdivision and consolidation of railway land as and when required;
    • Liaising with Metropolitan Municipalities and other stakeholders to highlight land management and development risks affecting the railway land;
    • Conduct site inspections on railway land and compile inspection reports;
    • Engaging relevant stakeholders in negotiations relating to land acquisition, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensures that land acquisition spatial data is captured on the GIS by:
    • Capturing and maintaining land acquisition spatial data on the GIS;
    • Producing and managing land acquisition maps/drawings on the GIS for acquisition of railway land;
    • Collating strategic transport plans, spatial development and environmental datasets into the GIS.
  • Facilitates land acquisition processes in terms of applicable environmental regulations and legislation by
    • Providing inputs to the railway land acquisition Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes, including inputs to the Environmental Impact Reports (EIR’s) and Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s);
    • Advising on public participation procedures and processes related to EIA’s for land acquisition projects;
    • Ensuring that railway land acquisition projects comply with environmental planning standards, policies, regulations and legislation;
    • Facilitating public participation meetings and sessions for railway land acquisition projects;
    • Coordinating environmental planning activities (meetings, advertising, placing of posters, and capturing of public comments) for railway land acquisition projects;
    • Ensuring that railway land acquisition processes comply with the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) environmental management standards and authorisations.

The GMA offers competitive market related salaries and the remuneration is on a Total Guaranteed Package.