Additional Rolling Stock and Depot Enhancement Project​

The capacity constraints currently occurring on the Gautrain System during peak, as well as the need to accommodate future growth on the system initiated the procurement of an additional 12 4-car trains and the necessary additional signaling and appurtenant infrastructure and facilities required to stage, service and optimally operate this new train fleet. The Additional Rolling Stock and Depot Enhancement Project is in the procurement phase.​

Midibus Services​

The Midibus Feeder and Distribution Services (midibus services) supplements the feeder and distribution services of the Gautrain through a partnership with minibus taxi operators. There are current Midibus operations at Centurion, Marlboro, Hatfield and Sandton. The latter being a weekend service only. The project to implement additional Midibus services at Rhodesfield and Rosebank Stations is underway.​

Centurion Station Parking Extension Project

The Centurion Parking Extension Project was initiated in response to the demand that exceeded the capacity of the existing parking facility. This project is in its final stages of implementation and once commissioned; will provide an additional 1,300 parking bays at Centurion Station.​​​