Social Development

The Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) is committed to playing a leadership role in society, not only through its operations, but also through active Social Investment Programmes (SIP). Gautrain itself is viewed as an investment in the future and the business understands that a prosperous future for Gautrain depends in part on the development of a thriving and stable society. 

SIP programme runs alongside the everyday business activities of the GMA, many of which assist in the national endeavor to eradicate poverty and decrease inequality. The SIP programmes are targeted at those projects which support these national priorities, but are not covered by the operational activities of the business, positioning the GMA as a leader in the social investment space.

A final round of SIP fund applications, assessments and allocations is being conducted in early 2017 with the deadline of 31 March 2017 for all application submissions.

This last round of submissions is exclusively allocated to education as a focus area. With the need in South Africa for people with tertiary qualifications in Mathematics, Science and Engineering, only universities as defined in the Higher Education Act No. 101 of 1997 are eligible to apply. 

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