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Privacy Policy

​​​​Website Privacy Policy of Gautrain Ma​nagement Agency ("GMA")​​​

  1. ​​B​​y using this website the user consents to the following:
    1. ​The GMA may use your personal information for communication purposes from time to time; provided that the communication is related to the business of the GMA. Users may request to be removed from any communication system at any time; 
    2. The GMA may use the user's information for statistical purposes;
    3. Subject to the continued subsistence of the user's consent, the GMA may use the user's personal information in the ordinary course of its business and for promotions and marketing;
    4. Subject to paragraph three and user's permission, the GMA may share the user's information with associated business partners for purposes pertaining to improvement of the Gautrain and Gauteng Rapid Rail Integrated Network extensions;
    5. ​The GMA may release the user's personal information to a third party if it objectively believes that it is required by law or by a court to do so;
    6. The GMA may also disclose the user's personal information, to law enforcement agencies, if it believes that such disclosure is necessary to prevent, lessen, or investigate any unlawful or harmful action.
  2. ​Any information provided to the GMA, whether on any forms completed through this website and any information, about the user, which the GMA is in possession of, will be regarded as personal information, and subject to the Website Terms and Conditions, shall be treated as private and confidential.
  3. Subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Website Terms and Conditions, no personal information will be disclosed to third parties without the user's permission.
  4. The GMA gathers and will be in possession of the following private and personal information of users:
    1. Information provided by the user voluntarily, e.g. through forms, polls, or contests completed or entered through this website; and
    2. automatically gathered through the collection of Usage Data when you interact with this website, and through the use of cookies.

  5. ​Most of the data that is automatically collected is statistical data about how people use this website.
  6. The GMA believes in minimizing the data that is collected from users and will only use user data, when it is needed to deliver the services provided through ​this website, or for legal compliance or other lawful purposes. Without limitation, the said usages include:
    1. Delivering, updating, and improving the website services by collecting various data to:
      1. Improve and optimize the performance of this website;
      2. Identify and investigate security risks, errors, problems, and needed enhancements to this website;
      3. Detect and prevent fraud and abuse of this website;
      4. Collect statistics about the use of this website; and
      5. Analyse how users engage with this website and which of the website features are most relevant to a particular user;
    2. Sharing with trusted third parties.  The GMA may share your personal data with trusted third-party service providers in order for them to perform certain tasks on the GMA's behalf, which may include:
      1. Delivering content and communications to you (such as email);
      2. Analysing website usage and customer demographics;
      3. Conducting surveys or contests; and
      4. Managing customer relationships.

      ​Note that only data that is needed for the third party to perform the tasks, assigned to it, on the GMA's behalf, may be shared with the third party.  These third parties are prohibited from using, sharing, or keeping your personal data for any other purpose, and are bound to strict data processing terms and conditions.

    3. ​​Communicating with users. The GMA may contact you directly or through a third-party for research, communication or marketing purposes through:
      1. Email;
      2. Phone calls; or
      3. Text messages.
    4. Website analytics. Various third-party web analytics tools such as Google Analytics are used to collect information on how users interact with this website. This data may include information on which pages are visited, how much time is spent on each page, which operating system and browser is used, and geographic location information. These tools will place cookies in the user's browser for this purpose. This information does not include personal data such as names, address, email addresses, etc.
    5. Compliance with legal, regulatory, and law enforcement requests. The GMA cooperates with law enforcement, government officials and private parties to comply with the law. The GMA will, in its sole discretion, disclose any information about users to such parties as necessary to respond to claims and legal processes, to protect its property and rights or the property and rights of a third party, to protect the safety of the public or an individual, or to prevent or stop illegal or unethical activity.
       If legally permitted to do so and reasonably practicable, the GMA will take reasonable steps to notify users in the event that the GMA is required to provide user information to third parties as part of a legal process.
      ​​​ ​
      The GMA follows generally accepted standards to collect, store and protect personal data, including the use of encryption, and retains personal data for as long as it is needed to provide a service to the user or required by law. Such personal data may subject to the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013, thereafter be retained for statistical purposes.
  7. The GMA reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, without notice to the user. Any changes made to the privacy policy are effective immediately, after they are posted on this page.​