​Code of Conduct

Whereas the GMA is committed to SCM processes that are fair, equitable, transparent, competitive, and cost effective, and to receiving value for money from all its Suppliers; the GMA desires to outline standards to which its Suppliers are required to adhere to.  The GMA further expects its Suppliers to replicate these standards further down their supply chains.

The GMA aims to conduct its business in a manner that is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective (five pillars) as underpinned by Section 217 of Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and it core values.  The five pillars are not only a prescription of standards of behavior, ethics and accountability but are a statement of GMA's commitment to a procurement system which would enable the emergence of sustainable small, medium and micro business and sustainable environment, consequently adding to the common wealth of GMA and its stakeholders.

This Code of Conduct captures the principles that the GMA expects its Suppliers to uphold. It contains globally aligned standards and guidance in each of the following areas:

  • Ethics
  • Labour
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality; and
  • Management Systems

Suppliers are expected to self-monitor and demonstrate their compliance with this Code of Conduct.  Where non-compliance is detected, the GMA may, at its sole discretion:

  • immediately remove from GMA premises, a Supplier who behaves in a manner that is inconsistent with this Code of Conduct or any GMA policy; or
  • suspend any Purchase Order from the Supplier until satisfactory corrective action is implemented;
  • terminate its relationship with the Supplier;
  • facilitate the listing of the Supplier in the National Treasury Register of Restricted Suppliers or its equivalent; and/or
  • report the Supplier to appropriate authorities or associations.

Suppliers are responsible for prompt reporting of actual or suspected fraud, corruption, theft, financial misconduct, dishonesty, or unethical conduct, relating to SCM processes in which they are involved, or the discharge of their contractual obligations towards the GMA, to the GMA's management, or the GMA's Fraud Hotline.

Supplier Code of Conduct
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