Economic Development

The Gautrain project was designed to support the priorities of the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) which are, amongst others:

Accelerated economic growth, development and infrastructure delivery, with emphasis on:

  • job creation;
  • quality service delivery;
  • good governance;
  • SME development;
  • investment in black economic empowerment;
  • convergence of Public-Private Partnerships; and
  • promotion of tourism.

Almost ten years after commencement of Gautrain’s operations, an economic and social impact study of the Project was conducted by Hatch - an independent consulting engineering and business entity. The results have shown that the Gautrain has achieved its objectives of contributing to the growing of the Gauteng economy.

In the findings of the Hatch impact study, the Gautrain has continued to:

  • deliver jobs and positively impacting social investment;
  • influencing transport choices;
  • reinforcing development nodes;
  • integrating Gauteng and its communities; and
  • changing perceptions and attracting investment.

Economic and Social Impact of Gautrain - 2019
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Economic and Social Impact of Gautrain - Summary
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A detailed assessment of the economic impact of the Gautrain Project was conducted by KPMG in 2014. The results have shown that, the Gautrain has achieved its objectives of contributing to growing Gauteng’s economy. The Gautrain has further strengthened existing development nodes in Gauteng by promoting and restructuring urban areas and revitalising the Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni central business districts. The following is a summary of the economic study.

  • R20 billion total GDP impact added to the Provincial economy during the construction phase;
  • 34 000 direct jobs were created during construction and about 87 000 indirect jobs;
  • For each year of Gautrain’s operations R1.7 billion are added the Provincial economy;
  • R617 million of the R3.2 billon household income generated from Gautrain’s APEX and OPEX contributes to poverty alleviation in Gauteng;
  • R46 million total GDP impact added to the GPG economy through property development;
  • 245 000 total jobs created as a result of property development; and
  • R10 billion retail property development in close proximity of Gautrain Stations.

Gautrain Economic Impact Executive Summary
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