Social Development Projects

The Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) is committed to playing a leadership role in society, not only through its operations, but also through active Social Investment Programmes (SIP). The Gautrain itself is viewed as an investment in the future and the business understands that a prosperous future for the Gautrain depends in part on the development of a thriving and stable society.

The Social Investment Programmes run alongside the everyday business activities of the GMA, many of which assist in the national endeavour to eradicate poverty and decrease inequality. The SIP are targeted at those projects that support these national priorities but are not covered by the operational activities of the business, positioning the GMA as a leader in the social investment space.

The GMA continues to manage the Agency’s Social Investment Programmes to assist in the national goal of eradicating poverty and decreasing inequality. SIP funds are allocated based on the following focus areas: education, community care and environment, with the aim of promoting and maximising the socio-economic development objectives of Gauteng in relation to the Project.

The selection, evaluation and allocation of funds are managed according to the GMA’s policy and procedures, which are in line with the King Codes. The next round of submissions will be communicated when funding is available.

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