​How do I apply?​​​​

Please note that GMA does not accept applications or CVs forwarded to email listed on the advertisement. CVs are to be submitted via e-recruitment portal . The email provided should be used for enquiries ONLY.

Follow these steps to simplify your application process:

1. Update your cv/resume and save it where you can easily access it, you will be required to upload it at the final step. Resume / CV needs to be in PDF format a maximum of 5 MB allowed

2. Go to https://gma.gautrain.co.za or and click on Careers or go directly to: https://e-recruitment.gautrain.co.za

3. Click on the e-recruitment portal

4. Complete your personal details

5. Complete Qualifications section

6. Complete Experience section

7. Upload your cv/resume

8. Submit

9. Complete your personal details

10. Ensure that you have received a confirmation of application email for your reference

Important to note: Candidates with LinkedIn and or Facebook profiles, are able to access advertised job and apply using their social media profiles.